“Utterly demented as it is darkly humorous (with) one of the more diabolical plot twists in recent memory.”

Remy Cashman, Horror Buzz

“Unforgettable scenes that will burn themselves into your brain – Jackson Davis is a tour de force.”

Sinful Celluloid

“Truly cinematic – (Jackson) Davis is astoundingly adept as the multiple-personality murderer.”

Staci Layne Wilson, Dread Central

Silence of the Lambs meets Split
on a budget, The Basement is inspired
indie-horror at its best.”

Sam Santiago, TrulyDisturbing.com

4 out of 5 stars “The biggest reason to see The Basement, is to watch, marvel and shake your head in amazement – at what (actor) Jackson Davis brings to his tortured and broken character. It’s a performance too powerful to be ignored.”

Michael Klug, HorrorFreakNews.com